Africa Is a women


Africa is a woman, because the major responsibilities and problems of African society fall on the shoulders of women. But Africa is also a woman because the unexpressed potential of the female population is a resource of enormous value for the development of the continent.

Nonetheless, women’s rights are not protected as they should, starting with the right to health: of the 200 million women who have undergone female genital mutilation in the world, the majority are African; 66% of all global maternal deaths occur in Africa.

Gender, social and economic discrimination also causes enormous damage for the whole continent: since 2010 they have come to cost an average of 95 billion dollars a year, with a peak in 2014 of 105 billion dollars, or 6%. of African GDP.

There are about 757 million adults and 115 million young people in the world who can neither read nor write. 60 percent of these are women, young and old.

A discrimination that begins when they are girls or girls. In fact, they often have the task of staying at home to help with housework. Furthermore, in many cases it is the girls who have to face the long walks to provide water for the whole family.

Through sustainable strategies and practical solutions, we tend to bring change from within the communities by involving the males. HELP THE RIGHTS OF THE WOMEN OF AFRICA. BECOME VOLUNTEER OR DONATE NOW. 




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