Tailoring skills for girls and young women

The livelihoods of women and girls in Uganda are low, and the rural areas in the Busoga region that Save Community Care Foundation (SCCF) works need our help. In Uganda, girls often miss out on education and lose vital chances to learn their futures. Forced marriages and early pregnancies are also common, and access to […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Food donation to vulnerable children.

Food is a critical basic need for vulnerable children to survive live.SCCF, in conjunction with Feed Africa Foundation, launched the Covid-19 food Relief project targeting vulnerable children, especially orphaned, neglected, school dropouts, abandoned, or merely living in acute poverty frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Daily, we receive distress calls from surviving relatives who […]

Join Kyalo Kyage Project

SCCF designed the Join Kyalo Kyage project which involved training girls in life skills, mentorship, and coaching, supporting women to start-up Village Savings and loans association in 2 sub-counties, this has enabled them to learn skills in saving, borrowing, and have invested the moneyin income-generating activities like Goat rearing, poultry, bakery, and retail shop. Theseinterventions […]