From a distance it looks like a tree without an end. If you get close, you can be frightened by him but smaller because in front of him everyone is smaller. The baobab is the largest tree and is found mainly in Africa. It is the national tree of Senegal and Madagascar. It is the tree of life and can live up to 2000 years. In Senegal he is considered the master of the forest together with the lion. Under it are held meetings of the elders and dances.

It is called the magic tree and there are many legends to explain the shape. It can be seen in fact in a myth in which God created the world when he assigned a plant to each person. The baobab fell to the hyena who, disgusted, threw it away. the baobab fell upside down with its roots in contralto.

In the second legend we can see God who created the baobab as the first plant. However, he saw the palm tree because it was taller and had beautiful fruit on the outside. The baobab therefore wanted to have all these beautiful characteristics of the palm and made many complaints and requests. Annoyed God uprooted it and planted it upside down with its roots in contralto.

It can withstand the scorching heat, drought. It also survives fires, forming new fabrics

The leaves are edible. The pulp is sucked as if it were a candy, it can also be put in water or milk to make drinks. The seeds, on the other hand, are used in soups. The peel of the fruit is used as an insect or tobacco repellent. The shell is used as a container and the roots which are edible are used to make the baskets. There is also a use in cosmetics to make the skin softer.

Composed of water, milk and fruits of the tree. It is especially recommended for children because it strengthens the muscles as they grow. It is also a supplement and perfect for pain relief.




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