COVID-19 UPDATE: Food donation to vulnerable children.

Food is a critical basic need for vulnerable children to survive live.SCCF, in conjunction with Feed Africa Foundation, launched the Covid-19 food Relief project targeting vulnerable children, especially orphaned, neglected, school dropouts, abandoned, or merely living in acute poverty frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Daily, we receive distress calls from surviving relatives who burdened with large families plus dependants that life had become unbearable.
COVID-19 pandemics affected the surviving relatives/guardians who live from hands to mouth and struggle to maintain their livelihoods and income to support their large families due to extreme poverty being hit even harder by the crisis as prices for essential food items and supplies
increased, right now they can’t afford to put food on the table for their large families plus vulnerable children and dependants.
Our partnership with the #Feed Africa foundation will support vulnerable children living with surviving relatives who burdened with large families. This project is currently supporting children, Young mother, older adults and people with disabilities in Kaliro district but with
I hope to scale up in all areas in Busoga regions and Uganda at large. Each person supported food like Maize flour, Rice, Beans, Salt, Soap, and Bedding like Mattresses, Blankets, bed sheets, and mosquito nets.
As we support vulnerable children with food and beddings through the Covid-19 Food Relief project, we call upon well-wishers, volunteers, partners, and donor/funders from all dimensions to #Give hands and #Donate to our project.




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