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“In Uganda in March 2020 all schools closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the country has kept schools completely or partially closed, suspending education for some children for up to 83 weeks. The children have returned in the classroom after the longest ever school closure, yet the learning lost so far could lead, already in the next few weeks, to high school dropout rates “. This is the alarm launched by Save the Children, the international organization that has been fighting for over 100 years to save girls and boys at risk and guarantee them a future.

The organization points out that “up to one in five children in fragile countries, including Uganda, had dropped out of school due to growing poverty, early marriage and child labor, aggravated even more by the pandemic and now warns of danger of a “second wave” of school dropout precisely for those students left behind in learning, who should return, but fear that they will no longer have the opportunity to recover

We support the education of 200 vulnerable children from some of Uganda’s poorest communities, conduct community sensitization workshops on children’s non-school attendance to 1,500 community members and improve hygiene education by providing workshops on safe hygiene practices during COVID-19.

DONATE to provide these children the opportunity to stay back in school with the necessary support they so desperately need. The project with available funding will drastically reduce the number of vulnerable children who will be dropped out of school in our rural communities allowing them to escape poverty and become change agents in their own communities. HELP US BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE FUTURE!





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