Namanda Aisha is girl child aged 13 years and Kalulu Alafati is a boy 3 years staying with Ground mother aged 60 years in Bulangira zone, Naigombwa ward, Kaliro Town Council in Kaliro district. 

In December 2009, Namaganda Faith (Mother to Aisha and Kalulu ) she ran way at the age 17years after she has been set to buy Salt and Soap at distance of 5kilometers from home to near by shop with unknown Man who stole her on the way returning back Home, Faith returned her mothers (Widow) home after 10years with two Children on Boda Boda (motorcycle).

Faith was also pregnant with another child, early January 2020, Faith was very ill when she returned to her mother’s house. She was immediately rushed to Health Centre which is 9 kilometers on bicycle, after health centre, they found her carrying dead baby in her womb. She was immediately operated and her baby was removed, three days later after being discharged, faith was found dead in her mother’s house. 

Faith left behind two children, these children is under the care takers of the ground mother (Widow ) who doesn’t know the father of these children because it’s now 6mother without hearing the father bothering to look for his children. The ground mother to these children is incapable and doesn’t afford providing food, Education, Health and others basic needs to these children plus her self and other dependants in the family