FAMILY CITATION A famous English pediatrician and psychologist Donald Winnicott coined the term “good enough parent.” which has now become public domain, used by everyone, or almost.”It simply means that the perfect parent doesn’t exist.” MEANING It means, for example, that a mother can experience the infinite fluctuations of fears, anxieties, tiredness, waste, but always […]

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CAURIS WHAT ARE Small white and oval shells. They were once used as money in different parts of the world. Today they are used for decorative and spiritual purposes EGYPT Since ancient Egypt they were used by different people. In fact, gold imitations have been found in masses in the tombs of children and women

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Kurukan Fuga

Kurukan Fuga the name of this document takes its name from the city in which it was conceived. It is also known by the name Manden FUNCTION The empire of Mali, through one of the most significant acts of its foundation, has drawn up its own constitution to regulate all the social aspects of the

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