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Educational opportunity for children

Our mission is to foster, establish and enrich an unveiled treasure that will create a brighter future for vulnerable and disadvantaged young children and youth in our rural poor communities.

The save Community Care Foundation project is set up to solicit funds to address and encourage every vulnerable and disadvantaged child and youth to remain in school. It is indisputable that all children, irrespective of background, should have the right to an education. As an organization, we are committed and been working tirelessly to serve our poor rural communities through careers in teaching or nursing. Still, we lack the necessary financial resources to pursue our dreams.

SCCF and the children in Kaliro


Challenges are often significantly more significant for those in rural communities. Our most challenging issue is the source of funding to keep our children in school. Our children in these communities love attending school but often lack the crucial resources needed for learning, making our children not either regularly in school or leave school before completing their education. Poverty is endemic in many of these communities.

Domestic responsibilities cause children and youth to drop out of school at an earlier age in rural poor communities than in urban communities.

These students have to travels long distances to access education. Your generous donations can put smile back as they can easier way. A social norm discourages female education and gender biases reinforce low expectations that are placed on girls.

Women’s limited access to education reinforces gender inequalities. As a result, women traditionally have little involvement in national, community, and family decisions, venin areas that may directly affect them. 

By working to make quality education accessible to one child at a time, however, we at 
Save Community Care Foundation believe we can influence positive, sustained change among entire communities.

We Need Your Help

To address those challenges, We urgently need your help. Please consider donating to our cause as we support the education of 200 vulnerable children from some of Uganda’s poorest communities, conduct community sensitization workshops on children’s non-school attendance to 1,500 community members and improve hygiene education by providing workshops on safe hygiene practices during COVID-19.

Donate to provide these children the opportunity to stay back in school with the necessary support they so desperately need.

Long-Term Impact:

The project with available funding will drastically reduce the number of vulnerable children who will be dropped out of school in our rural communities allowing them to escape poverty and become change agents in their own communities.

How You Can Help Us

We at Save Community Care Foundation believe we can influence positive, sustained change among entire communities.

Donate Monthly

No matter how big or small your donation is will a long way to take someone out of poverty.

Become A Partner

Join hands with us in this transformation process of lives in Uganda as cannot do it alone.

Become a Volunteer

Donate and share your time and requisite skills as a volunteer to transform other people’s lives.

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