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Educational opportunity and scholarships

Mission: To foster establish and enriching an unveiled treasure and creating brighter future for vulnerable and disadvantaged young children and youth in rural poor communities.

Save Community Care Foundation project of scholarship fund creates college education opportunities for every vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth who are committed to serving their rural poor communities through careers in education or nursing but lack the necessary financial resources to pursue their dreams.

Challenges Save Community Care Foundation facing in addressing educational opportunity and scholarship.

Domestic responsibilities cause children and youth to drop out of school at an earlier age in rural poor communities than in urban communities.

The distance students have to travel 15 kms to attend school creates safely, concerns for girls making them vulnerable to rape.

A social norm discourages female Education and gender biases reinforce low expectations that are placed on girls.

Women’s limited access to education reinforces gender inequalities .As a result women traditionally have limited involvement in national, community and family decision, venin areas that may directly affect them.

Educational opportunities and starship children and youth are bright, motivated, young vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth with a commitment to serve their community but who could never attend school due to their economic situation.

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