Meet the Founder

Godfrey Kiirya

Founder/CEO SCCF-Uganda

Godfrey Kiirya is a highly dedicated young philanthropist and a passionate youth activist who works tirelessly to address the diverse challenges underprivileged children face in the Kaliro District of Eastern Uganda, Africa. He founded this wonderful organization called Save Community Care Foundation. A registered community-based nonprofit organization provides vulnerable and marginalized children access to quality education and training. He is a true champion of youth empowerment and a tireless advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. Godfrey is a very objective, critical thinker who is extremely patient, hardworking, and humble. His commitment to children’s welfare is remarkable, and he is an experienced mentor and counselor who offers guidance and training in youth development.

Additionally, he is a respected community leader who enjoys the love and support of many people due to his friendly and respectful personality. He is married to Jesca

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