Our Mission

To work towards eliminating violations of rights, poverty, and illiteracy through capacity building and initiation of self-help projects.

Our Vision

A society whose human rights are protected, the untapped potential of individuals is built and empowered to take responsibility for their development and well-being.

Our Values

To propagate self-sustaining rural poor communities and contribute to improving the standard of living of children, youth, and the community.


Food Donation

We encourage  individuals, religious and charitable organizations to help bring smiles on the faces of the orphans and vulnerable in our society and fine-tune their future for a productive life.


Medical Care

The health education outreach program seeks to sponsor health care volunteers to reach out to schools and community groups and educate them about the causes, and transmission of diseases. 


Child Education

The child education project is designed to meet the educational needs of orphans vulnerable children regardless of age, religion, and race, which will enhance their academic performance.

Latest News


Sponsor Juliana Mbeiza

By SCCF-Uganda | 14 Comments

Mbeiza Juliana, 9 years old girl with physical disabilities and John’s syndrome, she lives with her mother Namukose Betty aged single mother with 7 children plus others dependant in Bulangira zone, in Kaliro district. 


Sponsor Nakabile Sumaya

By SCCF-Uganda | 14 Comments

Nakabile Sumaya is girl child aged 3 years living with her mother Basa Esther aged 27 years with four children in Valley Hill zone, Lumbuye ward, Kaliro Town Council in Kaliro district.


Sponsor Namanda and Kalulu

By SCCF-Uganda | 10 Comments

Namanda Aisha is girl child aged 13 years and Kalulu Alafati is a boy 3 years staying with Ground mother aged 60 years in Bulangira zone, Naigombwa ward, Kaliro Town Council in Kaliro district. 

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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child Programs are designed to bring back joy and happiness to our beneficiary orphaned children's faces. However, we rely on your full participation, and our charity program's involvement gives them further hope in life by providing necessary assistance such as food, clothing, educational materials (used or unused) to orphan and disabled children is struggling to make ends meet in academic work.If you are interested in our charity programs, do send us an email, and we will contact you directly to discuss the options.

Tailoring skills for girls and young women

By donating to SCCF, you will be making a direct and crucial impact on the lives of so many women. Will you give women and girls a chance to escape the cycle of poverty in Uganda?Please click on the link to donate.