Black arts movement

BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT Protests in the US after George Floyd’s death have inflamed the media around the world. After more than a week of protests and urban guerrillas, the States found themselves once again living with the problem of racial discrimination and many citizens, peacefully and otherwise, took to the streets to express their desperation […]

Rosa Parks: an example of life

ROSA PARKS On the evening of December 1, 1995, after a day’s work, Rosa Parks routinely boarded bus 2857 which would take her home. Rosa sat in the central rows: on that date the segregationist laws in force required that blacks had to sit in the back, whites in front and the seats in the […]

The Situation at Health Centre is Alarming, as local herb is back

The Situation at Health Centre is Alarming; Local herbs are back into play because hospitals bills have shot high trying to match the unexplained pharmacy cost rise on drugs!. Mothers are getting back to Traditional Birth Attendants because they can’t bear walking 10kms while laboring. They can’t afford or access the infrequent motorized transportation (UGX25000 […]