FAMILY CITATION A famous English pediatrician and psychologist Donald Winnicott coined the term “good enough parent.” which has now become public domain, used by everyone, or almost.”It simply means that the perfect parent doesn’t exist.” MEANING It means, for example, that a mother can experience the infinite fluctuations of fears, anxieties, tiredness, waste, but always […]

Amahoro onlus

Amahoro Onlus Amahoro supports the campaign of Caritas Italiana and FOCSIV, which have decided to work together for the love of the least, not to forget those who have remained on the margins, to build together a vision of sharing without which there is no humanity and there is no future. For several years, Amahoro […]


DISEASES There are three types of diseases in Africa: Infectious, due to the action of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The main ones are: AIDS, cholera, diphtheria, ebola, hepatitis, measles, whooping cough, plague, TB, tetanus, pneumonia, typhus. Parasitic, due to lice, mosquitoes and worms. The main ones are: yellow fever, lassa fever, dengue, filariasis, malaria, trachoma, […]