Join Kyalo Kyage Project

Women empowering in Kaliro,Uganda

SCCF designed the Join Kyalo Kyage project which involved training girls in life skills, mentorship
, and coaching, supporting women to start-up Village Savings and loans association in 2 sub-counties, this has enabled them to learn skills in saving, borrowing, and have invested the money
in income-generating activities like Goat rearing, poultry, bakery, and retail shop. These
interventions have seen women in Kaliro earn a living. This project believes in the Reproductive health rights of girls and women, we have been conducting community dialogues in Reproductive health, HIV and Aids, Family planning to girls and women.

Extreme poverty is the main problem faced by teenage mothers in the Kaliro district. The majority of Teenage Mothers live below the poverty line and are often more vulnerable than other women in the community. Adolescent mothers faced poor standards of living characterized by very poor health and living conditions, including malnutrition, poor clothing, poor housing, and
poor access to medical care and necessary social services. The majority of teenage mothers
never completed primary seven and are either illiterate or semi-illiterate. They are also discriminated against and isolated at both family and community levels. This denies them opportunities to exploit their abilities and talents. Besides, being young, teenage mothers undermine themselves hence hindering the achievement of their full potential. The mainstream services such as education, health, anti-poverty programmers, and others still reach few teenage mothers.
The proposed response is to skill teenage mothers as per the government of skilling strategic plan, which aims at equitable access to non-formal BTVET education training, especially for disadvantaged people. 

The action will provide 6-month non- formal education skills training in 3 vocation trades of Saloon. Tailoring and phone repair. These will be supplemented with life skills training to meet the market demand. Teenage mothers will be trained and supported to develop business plans, trained in sexual reproductive health, enter business competitions, and provide start-up kits. SCCF will facilitate the coaching and mentorship of Teenage mothers into enterprise development.




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