RMCC cares for vulnerable children in Kaliro District of Uganda

Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization based in the USA, donated and had a special lunch with orphaned children to children to celebrate Christmas together with their surviving relatives/guardians outside the home.
The donation was undertaken on behalf of RMCC by Mr.Godfrey Kiirya, the Founder/CEO of Save Community Care Foundation SCCF-Uganda. Even though our main target was to reach 111 children, but we managed to get 30 critically vulnerable children to participate in the celebration.

These children were treated to have a wonderful time of Christmas celebration, face painting, share gifts, tell stories, and have an outstanding play and relaxation time.
The children enjoyed the praise session because Auntie Nyango Justine and Esther did whatever they could to make them happy by jumping, swinging, and running; she even made them come in to help in dancing; it was enjoyable for them.

In the sermon session Pastor Isabirye Moses in a powerful and courageous word in Luke 18:16. Indeed, the kingdom of heaven belongs to young children because these children are disabled, but they sing with joy and love.

SCCF members Madam Nyango Justine entertained this child with melodic songs, and they felt honored because we made their day so special. They enjoyed cakes, sweets, food Soda, Sweet banana, biscuits, and so many others. For sure, it was a Christmas party.

We thank Ven Djentuh, Founder of Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp, our partner in the USA, to do an excellent job for this event. May God bless you; we call upon everyone who wants to volunteer or donate to Save Community Care Foundation; please, you are welcome; the door is open.

No matter how small or big your donation is, feel free to donate to these vulnerable children click here. It will change someone’s life and future.




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