Tailoring skills for girls and young women

The livelihoods of women and girls in Uganda are low, and the rural areas in the Busoga region that Save Community Care Foundation (SCCF) works need our help.

In Uganda, girls often miss out on education and lose vital chances to learn their futures. Forced marriages and early pregnancies are also common, and access to maternal and sexual health facilities is very difficult for many. The lack of opportunities, support, and advice means mothers and their children, unfortunately, perpetuate a vicious circle that extends intergenerational poverty in Uganda. 

However, SCCF can help women and girls at risk. 

We work intimately with communities in the Busoga region, often at a household level, to identify the best ways to support people across the region. One way in which we can help women and girls is by providing tailoring lessons to grow their skills into profitable enterprises.

Our approach is useful as we encourage wider community involvement in our projects. We promote participating in Village Savings and Internal Lending Groups (VSILG), which act as a form of social security for communities and a fund for small businesses to grow and invest back into time. By teaching women and girls skills in tailoring, we allow them to replenish skills they may have lost from missed education. 

However, they can bring their knowledge to their VSILG for support and advice on creating an income from their skills. With this dynamic approach, individuals can provide for themselves, breaking the need to rely on external support and giving them the chance to grow their prospects and help their communities in due course.

Will you help women and girls in Uganda?

We are seeking funds to purchase tailoring supplies, equipment and cover administration costs for this project. While SCCF works within and throughout communities in the Busoga region, we can’t help women and girls in this way without your support.

By donating to SCCF, you will be making a direct and crucial impact on the lives of so many women. Will you give women and girls a chance to escape the cycle of poverty in Uganda? Click here to donate




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