On behalf of Save Community Care Foundation, we extend our sincere gratitude and indebtedness to my fellow Directors, management Staffs, Community members, and all well-wishers/friends who stood all challenges since the inception of this organization in 2010. 

Your generous contributions of #Finance#Moral# Advice#Technical, and #Social-Contribution has made us an excellent and committed organization in #Kaliro district (Uganda).

Uniquely, we are indebted to our development partners, community members, well-wishers/friends, Kaliro District Local Government, Government of Uganda. They have been very fundamental in everything we do here, Kaliro-Uganda. What began as an association in 2010 evolved into something so much bigger than any of us could have imagined.

Our organization changed countless lives, and we saw countless memories. We have overcome many challenges, and each one was making us more vital than the last because of the dedication and perseverance.

Attaining funding, donation, and resource to run organization activities have challenged us that some projects went on a stand still due to lack of resources/financial support to our operational teams.

Even though this has slowed us in achieving our #goal#vision#mission, and #objectives of the organization, we are hopefully in 2021 will be the best year for us.

Thank you to all our partners and sponsor who stood with us in that trying moment. Save Community Care Foundation’s growth has exceeded our wildest expectation, making us realize that there is even more of a need for people to serve in rural poor communities in Uganda than we initially thought. To that end, we have drafted a bigger plan targeting marginalized and disadvantaged people in the communities. Please don’t miss to be part of this organization in 2021


Best Regards

Kirrya Godfrey Executive Director

WhatsApp Number: +256777703698

Website: www.savecomcarefdn.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sccf_uganda/