The Situation at Health Centre is Alarming, as local herb is back

The Situation at Health Centre is Alarming; Local herbs are back into play because hospitals bills have shot high trying to match the unexplained pharmacy cost rise on drugs!. Mothers are getting back to Traditional Birth Attendants because they can’t bear walking 10kms while laboring. They can’t afford or access the infrequent motorized transportation (UGX25000 – UGX50, 000 Bodaboda) due to a ban on both provide and public transport.

The health workers are not giving good services because of Stigma and lack of PPEs vs. fear of contracting a virus to their family members. So, customer care is compromised, making patients lose the urge to walk 10km for medical, yet mululuuza/local herbs are still available. The few who don’t have money to meet hospital bills, and so cashiers are bitter to the extent that you are assessed 1st for the ability to meet medical costs before you receive services!!!

SCCF calls all like-minded people to join us in supporting patients with drugs, transport for patients, home delivery of drug-positive patients.
Counseling, door-to-door community sensitization and education, physical follow-up, Home visits, and linkages to the Government Health Centre. Please visit




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