Baobab From a distance it looks like a tree without an end. If you get close, you can be frightened by him but smaller because in front of him everyone is smaller. The baobab is the largest tree and is found mainly in Africa. It is the national tree of Senegal and Madagascar. It is […]

Sylvanus Olympio

Sylvanus Olympio   LIFE Sylvanus Olympio was born on 6 September 1902 in Kpando in German Togo: this part of the territory resulting from the division of the German colony between France and the United Kingdom after the defeat of Germany in the First World War will return to the British administration and will be […]

Amahoro onlus

Amahoro Onlus Amahoro supports the campaign of Caritas Italiana and FOCSIV, which have decided to work together for the love of the least, not to forget those who have remained on the margins, to build together a vision of sharing without which there is no humanity and there is no future. For several years, Amahoro […]