Uganda Uganda continued to struggle with slow economic growth, a steady stream of refugees from conflicts in neighboring South Sudan and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the persistent instability of a two-decade struggle against the Resistance Army. del Signore, a violent opposition group that has terrorized the north. Hunger is a major problem […]

Rosa Parks: an example of life

ROSA PARKS On the evening of December 1, 1995, after a day’s work, Rosa Parks routinely boarded bus 2857 which would take her home. Rosa sat in the central rows: on that date the segregationist laws in force required that blacks had to sit in the back, whites in front and the seats in the […]


WE ARE A FAMILY WHO NEEDS YOU Uganda is among the last nations in the United Nations Human Development Index and is therefore among the poorest nations in the world. In recent years, there has been growth, thanks to associations, like our, who give concrete support to the population. However, they cannot do everything on […]