There are three types of diseases in Africa:

Infectious, due to the action of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

The main ones are: AIDS, cholera, diphtheria, ebola, hepatitis, measles, whooping cough, plague, TB, tetanus, pneumonia, typhus.

Parasitic, due to lice, mosquitoes and worms.

The main ones are: yellow fever, lassa fever, dengue, filariasis, malaria, trachoma, leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness.

From food shortages, due to food shortages, both in quantity and quality. The body needs nutrients, without which the body does not have enough energy to perform the various vital functions. The main one is the MPE.

In the last quarter of a century, as many as 20 traditional infectious diseases have reappeared and, in the same period, new deadly infections, previously unknown, have appeared: HIV, Ebola, Lassa fever.

In Africa there are infectious diseases which continue to represent a serious problem for the health of the population, but which in several cases are potentially preventable infections.

In assessing the situation, two elements are particularly important for Africa: access to vaccines and drugs and policies that promote their use.

Climate change with the increase in temperature has enlarged the area of ​​spread of mosquitoes allowing them to travel to higher altitudes and spreading malaria to new areas.

Higher temperatures also increase algal blooms and extend the survival habitat of cholera microbes.

The scarce amount of water or the lack of drinking water, together with inadequate hygienic conditions, facilitate the spread of diseases. But the most important thing to say is that many of these are poverty-related diseases.

drugs are not widespread because they are too expensive

In developing countries, the main cause of mortality is infectious diseases which in rich countries affect only a minority of people and which are generally not fatal.

Other diseases are transmitted in tropical regions by insects: malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness. Cholera is linked to poor hygienic conditions and is endemic in some regions.

For many diseases there have long been effective drugs and vaccines, but they are not very widespread here because most of the population cannot afford them.

New viral diseases have also appeared in Africa: such as Ebola which produces fatal hemorrhages and Dengue which causes bone-breaking fever.




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